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Random Musings
back and bored again 
22nd-Aug-2007 05:38 pm

back after helping someone install a couple of programs...now I'm bored again *sigh*

transferring a bunch of dvds to my ipod so I don't have to bring the disks when I go back to Taiwan

yeah...so I'm sitting in front of the computer again...*SIGH*

sallymm on one of her posts today said "A history of B7 fanfic could probably be subtitled 'poor Avon'..."

hehe...for something to relieve the boredom and because it's really fun...check out her
N F P A (Blakes 7, gen, 1160 words) post

*SIGH* I've given up...back to writing....

For those following these obsessive b7 stories I can't seem to stop writing (I believe that's 2 of you...hehe)...I'm really trying hard not to torture poor Avon in story five...honestly I am...

Twin Souls
24th-Aug-2007 10:07 pm (UTC)
I'm only back home for 36 hours. Argus needs to put his foot down firmly and insist on a story about the rest of them.
25th-Aug-2007 12:14 am (UTC)
I think Argus anticipated your wishes because that is where story five is going...I will post the first chapter now.
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