Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Sense exercise #4

Another sense exercise. This time trying to weave it in more seamlessly.

A New Discovery

Kirsten looked sceptically at the three round balls of different coloured…something, that Corinne had placed in front of her. Cold mist rose from its unappetizing surface. "What is this?"

"I thought I'd introduce you to my favourite food on the ship. It comes from Vila's planet. This is ice cream," Corinne said enthusiastically.

"They freeze cream and make it into food? That doesn't sound appetizing." She eyed it suspiciously and poked at it with a spoon.

"That's what I thought at first but it's delicious. Try it."

"I don't know." She didn't want to disappoint her companion but the idea of iced cream was turning her stomach. "Maybe not right now."

Corinne put her spoon into the bowl and scratched out a sliver of the brownish coloured one. "Just one taste?" She held it out towards her encouragingly.

Kirsten sighed. They might be fellow Chandarans but Corinne's bright disposition and enthusiasm made her wince at times. She opened her mouth reluctantly and took a tentative taste, hoping she would be able to keep it down.

It was…ooooh. The sharp taste of cold chocolate, then smooth and creamy, melting on her tongue like velvet. "This is…" She grasped for words that would describe this…it wasn't even a taste, it was a sensation. "This is wonderful!" Her face had the kind of smile that accompanied the reaching of an indescribable climax. Maybe not that kind of climax, she thought with a private grin, but close to it.

Corinne was smiling. "I told you, you'd like it."

Kirsten scooped out a large spoonful and said offhandedly, "It's alright." Then she chuckled. "Yes, you were right." She put the glorious new dessert into her mouth and let it melt slowly.

"Wait 'til you try the light green one with the bits in it. That's mint chocolate."

"I think I like this ship already. At least the food dispensers."

"Vila's already tried everything on the menu. He said it's much better than his old ship."

As if on cue, Vila came into the dining area and headed straight towards them. "I think I just heard my name. Nothing good, I hope," he said with a grin.

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