Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Sense exercise #3

Another attempt at a sense exercise. This time using a scene from a current story and trying to incorporate different sense impressions. At final count, I only managed to incorporate 3.

Why wouldn’t the ringing stop? Vila cupped his hands over his ears even though he knew it wouldn't help. It was worth a try. Nothing else seemed to have worked and who could sleep with that noise anyway? Even if it was only in his head.

Avon's suggestion was almost starting to look appealing. Almost. What if those annoying bells never stopped? Amputation might be his only solution.

He would groan in complaint at the injustice of it all if his last attempt hadn't given him a headache on top of his current pains. Remind me never to be near a stun grenade again. Alive or dead.

His only cheery thought was that the aliens would be suffering the same headaches. And Argus had given them a double dose. Vila hoped their heads fell off.

Imagine trying to…actually, he had no idea what they were going to do to him and Corinne. Those metal frames that they'd attached them to had aliens-up-to-no-good written all over them. Vila shivered at the close call. What if they'd duplicated them or worse yet, carved them up for lunch? They were aliens; it'd be just the thing they might do.

Corinne! He suddenly forgot his own moans and pains and his eyes flew open. Why did the ceiling look like it was moving? Ahhh. The light hurt his eyes. He closed them tightly again. Well, at least he could see again. He didn't relish being blind and being able to hear bells in his head that no one else could. Why couldn't it have been something more appealing? Like a nice violin? He could do with a few hours of soft violin music.

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