Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Journal Entry: Meetings for Idiots

Spent my entire day in a battery of useless meetings, which is nothing new since our idiot manager fearless leader is the one who called the meetings. I didn't get one single useful thing done but our moronic wise manager expects no decrease in productivity. There goes my weekend. I suppose eating and sleeping is also out.

Am I the only one who possesses a brain in this entire department? My not too reluctant conclusion must be, yes.

I just sat through an hour long meeting this week where the final decision was that we wouldn’t do anything.

To make matters worse, this wasn’t the first meeting on the topic. We had already wasted an hour and a half listening to everyone talk about the same nothing the week before and coming to the exact same conclusion. The room was packed, it’s crazy to think how much time and resources was wasted for those two pointless meetings.

What is even sadder is that I seem to be the only person who saw how ridiculous the situation was. No one else seemed to mind that we’d wasted all that time discussing something that was a foregone conclusion.

Fourth rule of idiotic project management: Meetings are for Idiots Managers

- Encourage "round-table" discussions then dominate them and dismiss disagreement.
- Involve subordinates in the decision making process by having them attend a merry-go-round of unrelated meetings.
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