Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

RL and not so RL

Now into my 2nd week of home leave. Last week's vacation went by really fast. Had so much to do...it felt like work...blech.

Had to get a new passport, because my other one was full. I only got that one two years ago!!! Shoulda gotten the 48 pager. They used to just add pages to full passports but *sigh* they don't do that anymore so I had to shell out more money to get a new one.

Hopefully this one will last three years?...ack pfft!!

Working again this week, but at least it's from home. Do have to keep Taiwan hours though, which is a pain, but at least I'm at the point in my career where I mainly mentor others and let them do the work. So as long as I make sure we're on top of everything, and there's nothing for me to do, and since I'm working from home...I can do some work on these darned b7 stories which just will not end...

Avon does not like to share...

Working on the fifth story and Avon's done it again. 
He's threatening to co-opt another story even though this one is not supposed to be centered on him. I think he's really not happy that I'm not getting him rescued from Servalan yet...so he's trying to be difficult. Even when the other characters are off in their own storyline, all of a sudden they're thinking about Avon...argh


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