Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Journal Entry: Save us from idiots

The latest bout of stupidity is as close as the next morning. In the middle of an important project, we are to reimage our computers. That is, replace the entire operating system with a new, updated version. They have allotted one hour for this task which will require six hours. The idiot manager actually thought ahead and arranged for a temporary resource to do this drudgery while we continue with our important work. Though how he expects us to do that without any functional computers is a moronic idea will be a creative challenge.

Translation: We will be required to work after hours to make up the time but as only one official hour is allotted, it will, of course, be unpaid.

UPDATE 1: The idiot manager fired the temporary resource an hour after we got in this morning. No reasons given. We will have to do this ourselves.
UPDATE 2: We have each been given 3 extensive documents on the procedure required, which after a quick perusal, does not include instructions for any of the computers in this department. This will be fun.
UPDATE 3: It appears that half the people did not back up their project data before beginning the procedure because it was not in the instructions. How difficult is it to understand the warning that all data will be erased? Someone save me from people who cannot afford to think.
UPDATE 4: I smell smoke.
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