Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Journal Entry: Users and Managers must be related

From this morning's meeting.

User (looking at the application on the screen with complete amazement): What is this?
Genius: It's the application you asked for last week. The one that you defined in the functional spec.
User: But that isn't what I asked for.
Genius (Retrieving spec file and trying to envision what his hands would look like around the user's neck): Yes, it is. Look at your own spec.
User: But that isn't what I asked for.
Genius (eyes narrowing): It's what you asked for in our meetings. You signed off on the minutes. (pulls up minutes on the screen) I even programmed the additional enhancements you asked for. Here are the emails. I've met every single specification.
User: Then it isn't what I wanted.
Genius (wonders if Users and Managers are somehow related and with much gnashing of teeth): What did you want?
User: I don't know.

Note to self: Pain in my head again. Seriously considering amputation.

A Tech's Guide to Users

User Rule #1: The user does not know what he wants untill he gets it. Then he knows what he does NOT want.
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