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Random Musings
A baker's dozen writing questions for my flist... 
24th-Mar-2009 09:33 pm
In a desire to know my flist a little better...

All of the people on my flist write fanfic for B7 and various other fandoms. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to answer the following questions regarding writing fanfic.

1 Why do you write fanfic?
2 When did you write your first fanfic and which fandom was it for?
3 Which fandoms do you, or have you, written for?
4 Do you read much fanfic or do you mainly write?
5 What comes easiest for you when writing?
(dialogue, descriptions, plot, characterizations, humour, angst...)
6 Which genres do you mainly write? (action, angst, dark, drama, horror, humour...)
7 Which genres will you not write?
8 Are reader comments/responses important?
9 Do you use a beta reader?
10 Which is your favourite character to write fanfic for and why?
11 Which are your favourite ships (including friendships) that you write the most?
12 Do you have characters that are so strongly established that they're in your heads?
13 Which characters are you most comfortable doing a POV for? Which is the hardest?

debris4spike pointed out that I haven't answered these questions. I guess it's only fair.

1 Avon.
2 The first one would be two years ago for B7.
3 So far B7 is the only one that has inspired me to write.
4 Mainly write but I do read.
5 The easiest would be dialogue and characterizations. Plot comes next. The hardest would be descriptions. I'm just not a visual person.
6 Angst, action, drama, mystery and humour.
7 I don't do slash or porn. I don't tend to graphic violence even though I do torture scenes, but only within the context of the story and I concentrate more on the psychological and emotional impact.
8 I enjoy them and some comments or lack of them help me grow as a writer.
9 I did try using a beta at first but the speed at which I write makes it impossible.
10 Avon. He's infinitely fascinating.
11 Avon and Cally captured me from the beginning. And definitely Avon and Vila for friendship.
12 Most of the main characters are in my head, and its getting quite crowded.
13 Avon and then Vila.
Avon_Hooked on Writing
25th-Mar-2009 02:08 am (UTC)
1. It's a compulsion.
2. Really my first, was in my diary when I was 14. Man from UNCLE.
3.B7 of course! Firefly. Lots of crossovers, including a whole B7/Buffy zine. A few other fandoms here and there (*one* Holmes/Watson, some Shakespeare fics)
4. Mostly write.
5. I notice you put dialogue first--me, too! I'm a rotten plotter.
6. Drawing-room comedy
7. H/c, AMTDI
8. I'm always paranoid about getting *bad* comments but mostly what I get is *no* comments
9. Nope.
10. Avon! and Simon! and now they're together in the long fic I'm working on!
11. I used to write tons of Blake/Avon, although I was always uncomfortable because they were so mean to each other. Now I'm a big ol' Mal/Simon fangirl
12. For a while I felt that I didn't have a handle on Servalan, and I've never cared about Tarrant--the rest of the cast is pretty well set up in my head.
13. Chatty characters--you always know what Vila and Jayne are thinking, for example, but it's really hard to get a bead on Zoe.
25th-Mar-2009 02:57 am (UTC)
It's a compulsion.

I can certainly identify with that. I thought that after writing the first couple of stories, I'd be able to get it out of my system. No such luck.
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