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Woohoo! I finally have a title for the 10th story of B7: Perceptions: A Difference of Visions

Writer is working on the first chapter of Difference.
Avon comes in and looks over writer's shoulder.
Avon: Where am I?
Writer (mumbling distractedly): Um…you're behind me.
Avon: Are you deliberately being evasive?
Writer (stops writing): If I was, do you think I'd tell you?
Avon: You are trying to be evasive.
Writer: Not in so many words.
Avon: That means that I do not appear in the first chapter.
Writer: Yes you do.
Avon: I don’t see it.
Writer (pointing to several paragraphs): You see? Right here.
Avon reads. Pause.
Avon: Are you trying to be funny?
Writer: I don't think so.
Avon: I am referred to in the third person. I'm not in the scene.
Writer: Well…technically you're not. It just implies that something is happening to you.
Avon: And you are depicting me as someone who is stubborn.
Writer: I thought that was in character.
Avon: I do not see it as such.
Writer: Uh…that's also in character.
Avon: Change it.
Writer: That's…uh…why don't you ask Cally?
Avon: What has she to do with this?
Writer: She helped me with the dialogue.
Pause as Avon stares.
Writer (offers helpfully): Should I call her?
Avon: On the other hand, perhaps it is a side-effect of the therapy. My mind is suffering imbalance, resulting in…
Writer: Should I be writing this down?
Avon (eyes narrowing): Do I detect a laugh?
Writer (busy tapping away on the computer and trying very hard not to laugh): Absolutely not.
Tags: b7_fanfic

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