Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Writing woes...sigh

In case people are wondering why my story posts appear to be missing...they are.

I thought that having a poll about Jenna would help but with the latest results in, now the vote is tied...arghh

On the good news front...I've finished two and a half, non-consecutive chapters for the new story.

The frustrating news...I still haven't finalized what the story is about yet.

I have three minor plotlines set now, mainly humour ones.

I'm still trying to decide on two main plotlines, neither of which is complete. One will definitely be the Jenna story but the decision is whether to give the women/Chandar story more prominence and match it with Jenna's storyline.

EDIT: The boys are complaining bitterly that they don't get to do anything fun in this story and are threatening to go on strike.

EDIT: Now the boys are pouting because it was pointed out to them that going on strike would be perfect. They're not supposed to be doing anything in this story other than providing support to the women and comic relief.

EDIT: Sigh. Some of them appear to be offended at the thought of being only support. I can almost hear the wheels turning in Avon's head.
Tags: b7_fanfic

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