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Random Musings
Notes and a Poll for B7: Perceptions stories 
19th-Mar-2009 11:02 am
Mysteries and Discoveries is now finished with Chapter 43 but I have a dilemma because I can't start on the Perceptions of Truth story yet.

The Jenna storyline was pushed to the side during Mysteries and Discoveries because there were too many things going on. Her journey has to be progressed much farther before I can do the final story.

So I am currently taking stock of where I am in the long-term plots front and trying to come up with ideas on what to do with the gap story.

Poll #1368162 Random Poll for B7:Perceptions

Would you like to see Jenna back with the crew?

Other. Please Specify.

For question above.

EDIT: An additional poll for story planning.

B7 Perceptions: Story 10 Planning Poll

Mysteries and Discoveries was predominantly angst so the next story will not be that. Well, maybe just a bit. I am looking back at some of the story suggestions made before I began Mysteries and Discoveries.

At this planning stage, I'm also searching for more ideas/suggestions and a bit of feedback to see how various things worked.

What did you think of the story of the boys? Did the mystery and discovery of who they were work for you? One of my biggest concerns was: were the boys recognizable as younger versions of our characters? And even though we knew that things were not going to end well for the boys, did the scenes of them being taken, still have a strong impact?

Each of the characters and many key relationships were developed in this story. What do you think of where the major characters and relationships are now?

EDIT: Thanks to reapermum's reminder, I am also in the process of making revisions to the Character Index. Additions have been made to the Major Characters. Other character details have been added up to the third story of Perceptions (The Definition of Peace). New material is marked in blue.
20th-Mar-2009 01:08 am (UTC)
I think redeveloping Jenna back into the crew would require some serious work on your part.
In essence she's already burnt her boats and has taken a more hostile approach to Avon. To get her back on board from that just seems unrealistic unless you could prove it was yet another example of psychomanipulaton. Though too many of those will make the whole plot arc seem unrealistic.
recovering her as an ally maybe as a crew member,doubtful. So saying they seem to be getting on with Sester so much better, so anything is possible.

Avon as caring I have no problem with so long as you do it in a suitably Avonic way. He showed he was capable of it in the series, just he never made a big deal of it and just did it. In other words not too demonstrative, apart from anything else, old habits die hard.

It wouldn't be the same without the banter between Avon and Vila. However neither of them are saints so it is possible it can get a little biting at times, especially if one has cause to be pissed with the other.
At the moment Avon is clearly keeping his sharpest barbs aimed in Sester's direction, though that has softened some when he realised they were friends as children and could be friends again.
It would be good if Sester could turn his skills against Servalan, hehe.

Edited at 2009-03-20 01:09 am (UTC)
20th-Mar-2009 01:21 am (UTC)
Some great input. Thanks =)

Jenna will present many problems ;)

Yes, Avon will be suitably Avonly in his caring. And his attempts to occasionally tack some extra steps on in an attempt to improve things will be not unlike an alien trying to speak English without learning how to first.

As Avon starts feeling better, we will see more of his old self but one that has also grown. He really does not like going around being a magnet for angst and sympathy.

It would be good if Sester could turn his skills against Servalan, hehe.

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