Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Journal: March 12, 2009

Many things have changed since I was a child.

Technology-wise, entertainment, politically, and even measurements. And I don’t mean my own. I started out in school learning the imperial system of measurements then part-way through we officially became metric.

At first it was difficult. It was almost hard-coded in me to think in terms of feet, Fahrenheit, pounds, etc. What were these new things? If it’s 20 degrees Celsius, does that mean I need a jacket or not? If I’m 50 Kg, should I be going on a diet? I used to run a mile, how much is that in kilometres?

Of course, I’ve made the transition now. I can handle Celsius like a pro but I also don’t have any difficulties with Fahrenheit.

I must admit that I still do think in Imperial for some things. Feet and pounds, for instance. I have to use a conversion program to figure out what they mean in metric. Not sure if that will change.

Tags: journalling

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