Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Journal: March 10, 2009

I find that as I grow older some basic skills begin to deteriorate.

Especially with things like penmanship and basic writing proficiency. Use of the internet (esp. IM) and working in a technical profession has done a great deal of damage in these areas. It’s also compounded by the fact that I don’t read books much anymore. It's my own fault really.

Did I really used to devour books when I was young? I remember going through several hundred pages in one sitting if it was a really interesting one. My sister would complain that a bomb could go off beside me and I wouldn’t notice. Sadly, I only manage one or two books per year now. I thought that with the air traveling that I do, I would be able to read on the plane but I only have enough energy to read light, fluffy, non-mind-challenging magazines. I really should make more of an effort.

I’m doing virtually all of my writing on the computer now, both at work and for personal things. When I journal, its on the computer. Ditto any letter/card writing. The state of my penmanship is really shocking. The way it looks like on the page reminds me of when I first started practicing writing in school. It’s very sad looking. I print a lot more now when I want to write something legible.

And don’t get me started on spelling and grammar. I really used to love being a wiz at spelling and word games. Used to beat everyone when I was in school. I’d be able to look at a word and instinctively tell if it was spelled right. Now, I look a it and look at it…and rely on a spell-checker, which is not fool-proof by any means. And I approach word games using analysis rather than language skills.

The computer and work is a real culprit. Using short-cuts, short-forms and point form is my main form of communication now. It does terrible things to grammar and good writing.

I am trying to reclaim my language skills. It’s one of my motivations for writing. I really must start reading again.

Well, that’s it for today.

Tags: journalling

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