Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Journal: March 9, 2009

There's something addictive about writing. At least for me there is. B7 was the first and only show so far that has inspired me to write fanfic. I had never even heard of fanfic before B7. With me being a scifi fan...some people (including me) find it hard to believe. Honestly, I have not been living under a rock, just Canada.

Being unsatisfied that the show just ended, I went looking for stories written by fans, hoping to find a few...and opened up a hornet's nest. While I read some good ones, I still wasn't that satisfied. I had very strong visions of the characters in my head and they just wouldn't let me go until I started writing. But then of course, it was impossible to get them out of my head and I ended up creating an entire post-GP world for them to play in.

Things got somewhat strange when the characters began taking on lives of their own. When they started developing relationships with each other independent of me or insisted on having a backstory that I did not develop or refused to do things that I wanted them to do, it started getting worrying.

But thanks to some kind fellow writers, I've been reassured that this is normal and there's even a name for it, dissociation.

So I am resigned to having multiple voices in my head when I'm writing. Or having them butt in when I'm talking online to people about the show. It's getting quite crowded in there. Sometimes I feel like I should move out to make room for them all. (No, Avon, it's not going to happen anytime soon so forget about 'volunteering' to take over.) Sometimes I do wonder what they're up to behind my back. With this lot, I have a sneaking suspicion that they're planning things without me.

It does make dialogue writing much faster. They just seem to do it on their own with me as the harried referee trying to reign them in. It can be annoying when they prove to be right about their own characters.

I love the dynamic creativity of writing and the ability to create my own worlds and explore themes that are interesting to me.

Well, enough about writing today.
Tags: journalling

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