Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Journal: March 8, 2009

I've always wanted a dog since I was a child. Now that I finally have one, I wished I had gotten one sooner.

Gremlin is not everything that I would want in a dog. He's not as friendly as other dogs and he's afraid of other animals, regardless of their size. But I do love him. He's unique in his own way. Very willful and smart. At times, I don't think he knows how to be a dog. He definitely doesn't know the normal dog protocols when he meets up with one. He tends to try to get away from them.

He was never socialized by his original owner so it explains alot about his behavior. I feel sorry for him sometimes because it must be very lonely for him not being able to relate to other dogs.

Gremlin doesn't usually like being petted unless its his idea. At other times he'll just tolerate it for a few seconds before walking away. He will follow you everywhere though. He likes knowing where I am at all times. If he doesn't see me, he'll come looking.

I know that shih tzus can be as old as 18 if he's well taken care of. I hope he'll be around for at least that long. I'm not looking forward to the day when I have to make a choice but for now I'm just enjoying having a dog.
Tags: journalling

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