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B7 Perceptions Fic: Sleeping arrangements (G)

I'm bored and feeling a bit blech so I really didn't feel like doing more angst. Decided to do this fun scene instead because the boyz have been difficult lately. This doesn't really fit in the current story so I'm including it as a stand-alone fic.

Argus sighed as he looked at the closed door. He wondered if there would be a day when he could stop doing things that would make Reya mad at him. He didn’t meant to hurt her. Things just happened.

He should be better than this. After all, he was supposed to be a brilliant tactical commander. But when it came to relationships, he couldn’t quite make the connection.

Argus sighed heavily and headed towards the gym. He had considered setting up a temporary cot in there. He anticipated spending many nights sleeping on the cold floor but it didn’t seem right somehow. He didn’t deserve to be comfortable. Argus squared his shoulders and set out purposefully towards the gym.

A door on his left slid open and Avon came out clutching an object. The door slid closed with a slight swish of finality, leaving Avon staring in bewilderment at it. Avon brought up the object in his hand and stared at it as if he couldn’t figure out what it was for.

Argus smiled wryly, “You too?”

Avon glanced at him but didn’t say anything.

Argus sighed. “At least Cally gave you a pillow. I don’t suppose you’d like to share?”

A half-snarl formed on Avon’s lips and he clutched the pillow tighter. Cally had actually thrown the pillow at him but he was not about to tell Argus that. His voice came out in a growl. “Get your own.”

Argus sighed again. “What was I thinking? Well, this way to the gym.”

As the two men made their way to the place of suffering, another door slid open. Vila came out, his arms wrapped around a large rolled up object. “But, Corinne…” His voice contained a faint plea as the door closed with a familiar finality.

Argus grinned, he was getting lots of company tonight. It might not be too bad after all. “The honeymoon must be over, what did you do?”

Vila looked at the two men. “Nothing.”

Argus said, “Oh, come on, Vila. You can tell us. We’re all in the same situation.”

Vila said, “No, we’re not.”

Argus turned to Avon with amusement in his voice, “He’s in denial.”


Vila protested, “I’m not denying anything.”

Argus asked, “Then why are you out here?”

Vila’s face reddened. “Well…if you must know. The ship doesn’t have any birth control meds. Cally said we’d have to wait until we pick some up at our next planet.”

Avon had a satisfied half-grin on his face. “You mean that you will have to wait.”

Argus laughed, “So that’s why you’re out here and Corinne is in there?”

Vila said, “I wouldn’t laugh so fast. What have you and the Commander been doing without them?”

Argus asked, “What do you mean?”

Avon glanced sharply at him with a look that clearly said that he thought that Argus was an idiot.

Argus’s face suddenly paled, “You mean…I don’t know. I…never thought to ask. You mean every time we…I could have…” Suddenly he wanted to sit down.

Avon said, “I wouldn’t worry.”

It was Argus’s turn to look at Avon as if the man was insane. “What do you mean, I shouldn’t worry?”

Avon said, “Knowing you, I imagine the Commander took precautions early on. Military forces tend to frown on unexpected pregnancies. It’s most likely an implant of some sort.”

Argus took a deep sigh of relief. “Whew. Wait a minute, what about you and Cally? Unless Cally has one of these implants too.”

“It’s unnecessary. Her alien physiology is sufficiently different that it would require genetic manipulation for reproduction to be possible.”

Vila said, “You’re such a romantic, Avon.”

Avon eyed the object Vila was carrying and asked, “What is that?”

The object was soft and plush in Vila’s arms. “Oh, this? It’s an insta-bed. It expands and even comes with a pillow and blanket. ” A big grin spread across his face. “Corinne’s not mad at me.”

Avon and Argus glanced at each other.

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