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B7: Perceptions - Character Dialogues: New Year theme

Best wishes to all the readers of the B7:Perceptions series or the character dialogues. My unruly gang and I wish you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2009!

Here is a bit of a gift...

Writer enters the place in her head where writing activities are carried out and is surprised with the sight of all of her fictional characters (including Servalan) gathered together.

Characters (some on party hats and some who wouldn't be caught dead in one) all yell: Surprise! Happy New Year!
Vila (blows a party favour): Great you're just in time for the countdown!

Writer (perplexed): Oh. Hello. Uh. Happy New Year? Countdown?

Cally: Is there something wrong? It is the last day of the year.

There are sounds of merriment and much imbibing of alcohol.

Writer: I know it's the last day but...

Avon (looking interested): What appears to be the problem?

Writer: Well for starters, it isn't New Year's countdown for another 5 hours.
Vila: No, it isn't. It's in (checks chronometer) ten minutes.
Writer: Ten minutes? Your clocks must be wrong.

Avon: No. Ours are correct. It's the time zone.

Writer (even more confused): The time zone? But…

Vila (trying to be helpful): That's when…

Writer: I know what a time zone is. You're telling me that you're all on a different time zone than I am? One where it's New Year in ten minutes?

Avon: Got it in one.

Writer: But but but…

Argus: Do you still have a problem?

Avon: That's hardly surprising. She always has a problem.

Reya (picking up a glass of champagne from a tray): It's not a problem. It's just a different way of seeing things.

Argus (comes behind her and discreetly tries to take the glass)

Reya (gives him a look): What are you doing?

Argus (looking flustered): Should you be drinking?

Reya: It's New Years.

Argus: Yes, but with your injury…

Reya: It's not a real injury, Argus. That's just in the story and I'm better now.

Argus: I'd still feel better if you didn't drink. You never know what she's going to do with you next.

Reya (sighs): Alright. If it'll make you feel better.

Argus (puts an arm around Reya's shoulders and takes on a look that tells everyone that he's prepared to spend the rest of the evening glaring at anyone who dares to even hint of hurting her): It will. Am I being silly?

Reya (smiles affectionately at him): Just a little.

Argus: It's just that…I can't stand the thought of you getting hurt. Even if it's pretend. Do you…want some champagne? I can get some for you.

Reya: No. That's fine. But I expect you to make it up to me.

Argus (coughs in embarrassment at the insinuation in her voice and tries to whisper, but not quietly enough): Reya, not now.

Servalan (Writer thinks: Servalan? What's she doing here?) (says with snide civility): Oh, please do. It might finally make this dull excuse of a party worth my time.

Avon (takes a threatening step towards her, Cally grabs his arm to hold him back): What are you doing here, Servalan?

Servalan (with an icy but amused smile): I was invited.

Avon (eyes flashing with barely suppressed hatred): You - were - invited??? By whom?

Vila (who almost seems to be joined at the hip with Corinne these days): I bet she crashed the party. None of us would've invited her. We have taste. (looks at Avon's murderous eyes) And we want to live.

Reya: I invited her.

They all look at her with shock

Argus: Reya, why would you do that?

Reya: It is the season for peace and goodwill. And we're just finishing a story that deals with new hope in a society that had none. I thought it might be a nice gesture to at least try. Even if it's only for a little while.

Avon: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer?

Reya (smiles): Something like that. And it is the time for peace. Even if it's only a temporary illusion for some.

Writer: Can we get back to my problem? How can you possibly be in a different time zone when you're all in my head?

Avon: It's science fiction.
Writer is speechless and has no idea how to respond to that.

Cally: Come and join the celebration. (Hands writer a virtual glass of champagne.)

After they countdown (five hours too early for the writer), they all lift glasses in a toast.

Argus: Happy New Year everyone! May this year be one of peace, goodwill and renewed hope in this world, and in the real one! Cheers!

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