Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

A good Tuesday

It was a good Tuesday today. Two more work days before my holidays begin. Yay!

I got a nice Christmas card today from entropy_house . Thank you!

Went to a pre-holiday Christmas dinner with a couple of colleagues from work. A nice buffet restaurant with lots of good food. It was packed. I guess people are getting into the holiday spirits already and there's some early celebrating going on. We have a project team Christmas lunch tomorrow. The pounds are going on early this year.

The only really down part is lots of snow is expected for the rest of the week.

The writing is going well. Working on a final birthday fic.

The PGP story is progressing at an extremely fast clip. It feels like I'm reaching the end of the story but there's still a lot left to cover. Thinking of pushing some of the materials to the next story. The frustrating part is not being able to settle on an idea for the lighter story that I like and feel comfortable developing. Really don't want to make it an angsty story but I keep turning in that direction even though it's supposed to be a light one. It may be because Avon is breathing down my neck at the moment. Sigh. Vila and Corinne prefer doing light stuff when they're together. Sigh. Corinne keeps threatening to misbehave if I do something more serious. And Vila is no help at all there. As for Argus and Reya. Well they want Sester to move to a bed somewhere else (Argus says preferably in the next galaxy)  but he refuses to budge.
Tags: rl

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