June 17th, 2010

Aftermath Avon enigmatic

B7 The Ends: Amusements - Chapter 05

Category: Humour, Drama
Rating: PG
3rd Story of From the Ends to the Beginning

Introduction: The farce continues...in the bedroom. Avon gets more than a passing grade and the women discover a new cosmetics line.

Note: I can't believe it's been three weeks since the last chapter posting. A lot of things have happened, but I'm starting to get back on track again. Another completely whimsical, slightly deranged, chapter, complete with pictures. Have fun...

Thanks to muscadinegirl for the use of the STUDS poster ;) (The AiT is for you...)

EDIT: Changed the first and second scenes, marked in blue.

EDIT2: Added better pics of Argus. Thanks, vilakins.

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