October 31st, 2009

Kal Writes

Adrian and Kali: The Confederation Empire, Part 3

Rating: PG+
Genre: Drama
Warning for torture in the last scene.

To reassure those who expressed concern, I am actively working on the next story, Tingash, though I am still on the planning stages for some of the details. Those who wish to take a more active part, feel free to add suggestions. You have jaxomsride to thank for the overall idea of the Tingash story.

For those who were interested, here are the next chapters of the Adrian and Kali: The Confederation Empire story. This tale is somewhat different. Even though I have adapted several B7 characters, they are different and this is not fanfic. This was originally an exercise in improving writing style, specifically with layering details and using active voice. So this one is not quite the same as my PGP stories, though you will begin to see the improvement in style 'bleeding' into those stories.

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