March 24th, 2009

Vilakins Jenna

B7 Perceptions: A Difference of Visions - Chapter 01

Category: Angst and Humour
Rating: Gen
10th Story of Perceptions
Sequel to Mysteries and Discoveries

Introduction: Jenna investigates. The women of the Justice.

EDIT: Added one small section at the end.

Author's note: Even though I'm still in the planning stages for this story, I am posting the first chapter before I'm tempted/pressured to change it. It has nothing to do with Avon protesting strongly that he has nothing to do in this chapter or his demands that I make him seem less least that's what I'm telling him. So everyone back me up.

I know that everyone wanted more humour and ship board life scenes and you will be getting those, plus some action with the women of the crew kicking butt on Chandar. There was a problem in writing the Cally, Reya and Corinne scene. After having the spotlight on the boyz for so long, it was very difficult to just focus on the women.

Jenna's journey, by its nature will mainly be angst and action. Can't help that, she's not in a humourous mood these days.
Ongoing updates: The character index has been updated up to the 4th story of Perceptions: Sevisia

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Avon_Hooked on Writing

A baker's dozen writing questions for my flist...

In a desire to know my flist a little better...

All of the people on my flist write fanfic for B7 and various other fandoms. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to answer the following questions regarding writing fanfic.

1 Why do you write fanfic?
2 When did you write your first fanfic and which fandom was it for?
3 Which fandoms do you, or have you, written for?
4 Do you read much fanfic or do you mainly write?
5 What comes easiest for you when writing?
(dialogue, descriptions, plot, characterizations, humour, angst...)
6 Which genres do you mainly write? (action, angst, dark, drama, horror, humour...)
7 Which genres will you not write?
8 Are reader comments/responses important?
9 Do you use a beta reader?
10 Which is your favourite character to write fanfic for and why?
11 Which are your favourite ships (including friendships) that you write the most?
12 Do you have characters that are so strongly established that they're in your heads?
13 Which characters are you most comfortable doing a POV for? Which is the hardest?

debris4spike pointed out that I haven't answered these questions. I guess it's only fair.

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