March 6th, 2009

Twin Souls

Journal: March 6, 2009

A while ago, linda_joyce posted something about the value of journalling.

Twenty years ago, University of Texas psychologist James Pennebaker concluded that students who wrote about their most meaningful personal experiences for 15 minutes a day several days in a row felt better, had healthier blood work, and got higher grades in school. But a new study from the University of Missouri shows that a few minutes of writing will also suffice.

I thought I'd take a stab at it. Don't know how long I will keep it up for. I could certainly stand feeling better. Everything's been blah and depressing. About the only thing that keeps me relatively on the right side of happy is writing and my friends, both online and off.

So this is just a stream of consciousness thing, basically for my own sanity than anything else.

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EDIT: Well, I'm back from the doctor. Nothing majorly alarming just some things she wants to continue checking. I have another test scheduled in May.