June 17th, 2008

Twin Souls

What's in a name....

In an attempt to get to know my flist better...

I've always been curious about some of the user names which people chose and I've finally decided to do something about it. Drop by, put up your feet and tell me how you decided on your LJ user name.

The origin of kalinda001:

This name comes from my (much much younger) school days. At one point I did some fiction writing and created a character named Kalinda; who wasn't connected to any fandom (I was young and naive in those days and had never even heard of fanfic).

As is invariably the case, when I decided to use it as my penname, I discovered that other people were already using it; and many variations thereof. Tacking on the '001' seemed to work on most sites.
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Why will my fictional characters not cooperate! They're ganging up on me! It's a conspiracy!  Grrrr....argghhh!!

What do you mean you won't do that?! YES YOU WILL! Wait a minute....don't do THAT!!! Oh god....

I have my finger on the delete button....you had all better behave....

--- rant over...back to normal programming....

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