January 7th, 2008

Twin Souls

Back in Taipei

Well my holidays are officially over. Arrived back in Taipei around 10:30am this morning. 

And what a great way to start off a new year...one half of my luggage arrived. The other half will be arriving later today! Must still be stuck in Hong Kong... I was going to go straight to work but now I have to wait by the phone at the apartment because they said it will be delivered before 5pm today...

And apologies to those following the A Definition of Peace story. Arrived in Taipei and realized my data key, where I had chapters 6, 7 and part of 8 along with my handy dandy spreadsheet with notes and timelines for the story for the last 3 weeks, is still plugged into my computer back in Toronto. Argh. So I'll have to rewrite them from scratch. The next chapter post will take a couple of days at least.

EDIT 5:08pm:  The luggage has arrived! Now if only I can get those files from my flash drive in Toronto...
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