December 15th, 2007

Twin Souls

At the airport

It is 11am and I am at the Taiwan International Airport. My flight leaves at 1pm. 

I did manage to get four hours sleep. I will try to get some more on the plane.

Nothing much to do except eat and surf on the net. Am somewhat bored so I've been looking for stuff to do. Decided on creating another poll.

EDIT: It's almost 4pm and I am at the Hong Kong Airport now. Will be going to the boarding gate soon. The winter storm still looks like it's going to hit Toronto =P

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Avon thats great


Yay!! I've finally arrived home with luggage and all intact.

It was a looong journey, routing through Hong Kong and Achorage before reaching Toronto. Got here just at the beginnings of a winter storm which will get worse tomorrow so it was great timing.

Thanks for all the good wishes everyone!

EDIT:  Yipes! Was checking the weather and they say that it's supposed to be the worst winter storm in 10 years! I'm soo glad I already arrived. 

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