November 16th, 2007

cheesecake slice

Why Gmail? Why?

I hate the new version of Gmail. 

Half the time it freezes up the scrolling side bar the moment it loads; the other half of the time it doesn't even load. When it finally does, I would have to manually click the "Older Version" option at the top in order to get back to a version that works for me. Because even if the new version loads, everytime I try to access a mail, there is a 50/50 chance that the window will lock up.

They don't even give you an option where you can chose to automatically load the old version everytime you log in. Instead, everytime now, I have to live with logging in several times until I can finally get in. And even then, you still have to wait for it to loooaaad (which takes along time now) in order to swtich to the old version again. Arghh. 

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Alright I'm done ranting. I'm looking forward to going to a nice meal and dessert in a little while (hence the cheesecake pic).

Any suggestions? Has anyone experienced the same thing? Have you found a way to fix it? Are there better options?

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