October 6th, 2007

Twin Souls

Super Typhoon KROSA

Oh great another typhoon is supposed to hit here, almost directly on Taipei in about 2 1/2 hours (5am)
It's a category 4 with winds of 240km/hr. It just never ends...Coastal Storm Surge flooding of 13 to 18 feet above normal tide levels expected. Fortunately my place is not right on the coast.

Can't sleep. This darn cough is keeping me up anyways...Gonna do more story stuff. 

UPDATE (6:30am) We're in the middle of it now but so far so good. Only strong winds and lots of rain. The clouds are moving very fast. Internet is still up. Trying to keep myself occupied by writing and doing LJ stuff.
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Twin Souls

typhoon update

LAST UPDATE (next morning) Everything is fine now. The cars are back on the road. Pedestrians are out again. Just lots of debris on the roads from the winds yesterday. It's still raining but at least I can go out.

UPDATE (02:27PM) That was quick. The power is back on and the internet connection is back. It's still very windy. Don't think we're in the centre of it yet.

UPDATE (12:21pm): If we're not in the eyewall of the typhoon already, we definitely will be soon. The winds have picked up even more. Downed signs, tree branches, and garbage whirling about.

The only cars out now appear to be the cabs. And one lone pedestrian. Is this person crazy??

Oh. We just lost power. My internet connection is gone. I'll post this when we get everything back up.

UPDATE (02:00PM): The winds have really picked up in the past half hour. The rain is really coming down. Sometimes it's hitting the windows so sharply that it sounds like hail. Can't believe there are still a handful of cars on the roads. No pedestrains.

Late Night:  A night of rain and strong winds. The eyewall of the typhoon is expected to start affecting Taipei late this afternoon and extending until about 11pm tonight. Still a category 4. 

I guess this makes up for last year when no typhoons hit Taiwan. Another sleepless night. I really hate this cold.

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