September 8th, 2007

Twin Souls

A Distracting (But Fun) Day...

I had just finished off the 5th chapter in my current b7 story and was about to finish off the 6th when [info]entropy_house  posted the link to the new [info]3daychallenge

Water + our heroes = AWESOME!  hmmm....

I had never joined in a challenge before but I just couldn't resist. So chucked finishing off chapter 6 and "dove" right in. Had alot of fun doing it. Of course, it was a b7 story.

Spent a relaxing day doing other stuff. Now I'm back to working on chapter 6.

Put on a couple of DVDs as background noise while I wrote. Several mysteries. First a Campion mystery then one of the Lord Peter Wimsey ones, Murder Must Advertise. Am watching MMA now when I recognized a very familiar voice. I look up at the screen. Avon what are you doing there!! 

I had watched this DVD before (my pre-B7 days) and never knew who he was. *sigh* He looks younger and just as beautiful.

Pics from MMA  
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