August 16th, 2007

Twin Souls

no more lost luggage...for now...

Now that I'm not waiting on luggage, or chasing after luggage, or phoning about doesn't seem the same =P

I will not write a story about luggage...I will not write a story about luggage...unless I can write it into one of the b7 stories =P

I really hate those pushy telemarketing people who are so insistent that they border on rude. Hung up on a couple of them this week.

I can now let go of story four as well...finally finished it.

Couldn't figure out how to split the last chapter because it's one very long scene and probably will be too large to put in one post so I'm going to try it in two.

Trying to decide if I'm going to post all of the rest of it, or just a couple at a time like I've been doing it.

Working on story five...have a title for it now (Needs are Never Simple), about 50% done

reapermum, I know you said that she would like to see Avon have a story where he takes a holiday for once...well, ok...he's going to get a break...of some kind, for a little bit anyways...though not exactly a holiday per se...and it's not exactly his idea of a holiday...but I think at this point he'll take anything...
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