August 15th, 2007

Twin Souls

luggage saga finally ends...

Well, I finally got my luggage; and of course getting it wasn't that straight-forward.

Called the Delayed Luggage people this morning, was told the luggage had arrived and was at the airport. They gave me a tracking number and the number of the delivery service. They would drop it off at my place between 1pm-4pm. 

So far so good.

Checked the contact number again just in case. Good thing too...they got it wrong. So was able to straighten that out. luggage...wasn't expecting it this early luggage...resigned to waiting the whole afternoon luggage...was thinking, well at least I get my luggage, I don't care if I have to wait until 4 luggage...argh...called delivery people with tracking number
                                           ...was told, it is coming, but can't tell me when
5:10pm...luggage comes...saga of the lost luggage finally ends

Now working on story four. Been able to post it quicker because I had most of it finished already.
Still trying to work out one small storyline; then it will be complete.

Went almost entirely back to the original plot for four, with some minor details for continuity and setting stuff up for the next story.

Took your advice reapermum

 Not all of the characters have to be doing something in every story. So this one is mainly about Avon, Servalan and Sester...with some minor stuff for the others.

Thinking about story five now...maybe I'll give Avon a break...maybe not...the poor guy has had enough by the end of four...


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