August 11th, 2007

Twin Souls


Arrived safely in Toronto this morning. Unfortunately my luggage didn't. *sigh*

This is only my third time routing through LAX, and they've managed to misplace my luggage twice now on the transfer. At least this  time, I  won't be leaving on a cruise tomorrow and really need my luggage...which is what happened the last time.

Will have to call tomorrow to see if they've found it yet.

Feel sort of strange...both tired and not tired at the same time, or tired and wide awake...going to try to stay up until tonight so that my body can adjust to the timezone.

Managed to do a bit more of chapter 14 on the plane. Still not done yet.

Decided to only put bits of the Jenna/Cally storyline in story four and push it to five. Couldn't really make it work in four for some reason.