July 31st, 2007

Twin Souls

At last...

Woohoo! Finally broke through the block to story three. It's coming along nicely now.
It really did have to do with Vila. I've finally gotten him to cooperate by siccing the Argus character on him. hehe

All the other characters were starting to complain that Vila was holding things up.

Had to split out part of story four into story five...because Servalan and the psychostrategist were having way too much fun and had taken over four, which was already at page 96, and I hadn't yet gotten the other characters past page 6 yet.

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Twin Souls

the characters are taking over...

All the characters are happy now that story three is progressing and they each have their own storylines. ...well, they're all happy except Avon and Vila.

Vila doesn't get to be happy because he's been causing so much trouble; but he gets to rescue Avon later...so he shouldn't complain...well at least that's the plan.

As for poor Avon...unfortunately for him, Servalan and the psychostrategist have taken over there.

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