July 8th, 2007

Twin Souls

New Patterns and Old Friends - Chapter 01

Title: New Patterns and Old Friends
Prequel to: Broken Things
Genre: PGP
Rating: Gen

It is eight months after GP and Avon has been 'enjoying' Federation hospitality, courtesy of his hated enemy, Servalan.  The once deposed Federation President has regained her position and is even more powerful than ever as she seeks to reclaim and expand the glory of the old Federation.

Everyone wants to find Orac and only Avon knows where he hid it, which has made his life extremely uncomfortable as first Servalan, and then a new band of rebels try to obtain the information from him.   No one succeeds.  But will a new deadly psychostrategist employed by Servalan be able to succeed where others have failed?

Vila is operating as a master thief under the alias of Gan Lason and one of his jobs leads to new band of rebels, and an unexpected old friend.

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