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B7 Perceptions: Pursuing Truth, Chapter 19, Addendum, Character Dialogues

When fictional characters have set up camp in your head and refuse to move out, it can get a bit crowded during writing time. And when even Vila starts showing up...sigh. Maybe I need a bigger head.

And BTW I want to thank all the people who contributed ideas for the lighter story. Some really wonderful and creative ideas. There are so many now that it's hard to chose. I might combine a couple or do a separate ad hoc piece too. Stay tuned...

Writer is...writing. Reya is adding suggestions. Argus and Avon enter.

Argus: Hello. What's up today?

No one answers him. Writer is too busy writing and Reya is too intent on what is being written. Argus and Avon look over writer's shoulders and read a bit. Writer is feeling that she needs another shoulder because hers are getting too crowded.

Argus: Oh, come on. Who is that? Nobility of spirit? Does everything with passion and honesty? Do we have a new character?
Writer (looks up): That's you.
Argus: Me??? That's not me! That isn't anything like me. You must be joking.
Avon (says dryly): She is.
Reya (whispers to writer): Add modest.
Argus: Hey!!! Stop that!
Avon: I see. It's a work of fiction.
Writer points out: This whole thing is a work of fiction.
Argus: I will not have you describing me like that. Take it out.
Reya: Leave it in.
Writer looks at the two of them. Is starting to feel a big storm coming and wonders if she should get a big umbrella.
Avon: Yes, leave it in.
Argus (turns to Avon): What's the big idea? You can't seriously think that I'm like that.
Avon: Hardly.
Argus: Then why?
Avon: It would be amusing.
Argus: You just want to annoy me.
Avon (to writer): Add perceptive, in a delayed sort of way.
Argus (is starting to make low growling sounds): You're all ganging up on me.
Reya (trying to be reasonable): We are not ganging up on you, Argus. It's how I see you.
Argus (is stunned): It is?
Reya: Yes, very much.
Argus (is turning a shade of red heretofore unknown in this universe): But, you don't have to tell everyone. Couldn't we just...keep it between the two of us? You can tell me when we're alone...you know when...
Avon (groans)
Argus (immediately concerned): Avon, are you alright?
Avon: Not if you insist on continuing.
Argus: Alright. (turns back to writer) Can we take those sentences out now?
Reya: No. She's not.
Writer looks between the two of them: I'm staying out of this.
Reya: This point in the story is about how I feel about you. It's my perception. That's why she asked me. If it comes to a part on how you feel about me, then you can have some input.
Argus: Couldn't you make it...a little less embarrassing?
Reya: It's not embarrassing. It's the truth.
Avon (mumbles): It's someone's definition of truth.
Argus and Reya both glare at him.
Argus: I'm not having you put that in there.
Reya: Are you trying to give me orders?
Avon (to writer): I have some new ones to add.
Argus: Don’t listen to him.
Avon: I’m the star, of course she has to listen to me.
Argus: And I’m the leader of this ship.
Avon: Are you indeed? I thought you said we were partners?

Argus (sputters): Well, yes. I mean…
Avon (very dryly): It’s fascinating the way you do that.
Reya (to writer): Now where were we?
Argus (voice rises): We haven’t decided whether to leave it in yet.
Reya: I have.
Argus: No, we haven’t.
Reya (to writer): Add stubborn.
Argus: Hey! I am not stubborn. I’m just trying to appeal to reason here.
Reya (to writer): And dense.
Writer adds new sentences.
Argus (reads new material): What do you mean “his inability to communicate how he felt or his complete lack of communication when he got it into his head that he had to do something”???
Avon: Well, you were looking for something less fictional. You have your wish now.
Argus: But that’s not me either!
Reya points out: You thought target practice was romantic.
Argus: But…but…I thought you enjoyed it?
Reya: I did. But that’s not the point.
Writer writes a few more lines on her own.
Reya (reading and then smiles): I like that.
Argus (reads and is outraged): “There were things he was curiously ignorant of, as if he had never lived a normal life where people had families and lives outside of the military”??? That makes me sound like I’m abnormal!
Avon: You are.
Argus: Stay out of this, Avon!
Reya: I think it’s cute that there are some basic things you don’t know. Like what you said about raising children.
Argus: Now you’re just making fun of me.
Reya: I’m not. Honestly, I’m not.
Argus (to writer): Alright, you can keep the other things…you know the parts about nobility and passion.
Writer: Good.
Argus (to writer): Just take that other stuff out.
Writer: I don’t think so.
Reya: Yes, I like the other stuff you added too. Keep it.
Argus: Reya, please!
Reya: This is how I see you. Would you want me to lie?
Argus: No.
Reya; Then let this stand.
Argus (sighs): Alright.
Reya (to writer): Can you add one more bit?

New part:
A typical Alpha male as the Federation had made him but also not very typical. From the beginning of their relationship, he had always treated her as an equal. She knew that it had never entered his head not to. It was a very curious thing coming from someone of his background and it was one of the first things that had drawn her to him.

While the two of them talk about that part, Vila comes in, which completely shocks the writer as he rarely asserts his presence in her head.

Vila (is nervous and whispers to writer): Can we talk?
Writer: What would you like, Vila?
Vila: Well, you know how you have this new character.
Writer: Which character?
Vila: The female one, the one with…the one who’s…
Writer (smiles): Yes, I know which one you’re referring to.
Corinne comes in: Oh, are we having this discussion now?
Vila (is flabbergasted): What are you doing here?
Corinne: Is there a reason why I shouldn’t be here?
Vila: No. I mean yes. I mean, I don’t suppose you would…marry me? Nooo. I didn’t just say that. We haven’t even dated. Or spoken to each other yet. Your parents are probably going to kill me. Pretend that I’m not here. I’m going to quietly die now. Don’t anyone stop me.
Writer: What???
Corinne: He’s cute.
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