Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

6 more hours!

Six more hours before my flight takes off!  Three more hours before I go to the airport!

Packed in about 15 minutes...I've done it so many times now...

Cleared up all the items on my plate at work. Left an out-of-office message. Of course, someone just had to ask me one last question right when I had turned off my PC. This person has a tendency to do that. I was very nice and helpful...and wishing I could sic Servalan on her. But of course, Servalan only likes torturing Avon.

Just doing some last-minute maintenance on the journal because I might not be able to work on it much the next couple of days.

Decided to post the last 5 chapters of story three. Still trying to finish chapter 14 (uhhh at 4:30am this morning because I couldn't sleep and because I'm crazy). 

reapermum did try to knock some sense into me... 

I'm sort of having fun with this chapter so it might end up being a bit longer than intended. Just hope I don't have to extend it to chapter 15.  Although length-wise it's already longer than story one which had 18 chapters.

But I am committed...no more than 15 for this story (hopefully only 14). 

Still trying to shift around parts of story four (which I had almost finished..ack! pffft!) because of the big rearrange I had to do between three and four; trying to figure out a timeline which makes sense... but that's all my fault. Can't blame it on the characters being difficult.

Still not sure how I ended up almost finishing story four when story three was only half finished. Must admit I had alot more fun with four. Some of the characters are just so devious...and Servalan and Sester are sooo bad.

If anyone notices a page link which doesn't work...let me know. Or if you spot any spelling errors etc. I swear, I did pass a spell-checker through it at some point...

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