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Just came back from watching the Cirque De Soleil, their Saltimbanco show at the Air Canada Centre. I've seen it before on TV and DVD but never live. It was amazing!!

Such grace, strength, skill and flexibility. Wonderful music. The costumes were colourful and quirky. The acts were just fantastic. For those not familiar with the Cirque De Soleil experience, they only have human performers from around the world. There are no animal acts.

A bicyclist doing things on a bicycle which should never ever be attempted at home. Chinese pole acrobats. Duo trapeze. Hilarious clown and mime acts. And my favourite was one I had never seen before called the Boleadoras.

Two performers twirl boleadoras in the air. A boleadora is a simple percussion instrument made of a weight attached to the end of a cord. The weights bounce off the ground and make exploding sounds either in unison or in counterpoint to the dance steps of the performers. Invented in Argentina, the boleadoras were used by hunters to catch wild game in the pampas - or plains. This act is traditionally performed by men and brings together the sounds of the boleadoras and the influences of flamenco

Russian Swing

Chinese Pole Acrobats

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