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I brought the car in this morning. The service person, Debbie,  who took it was very helpful and friendly. I left the car with them and they hope to get it fixed by this afternoon, depending on what's wrong with it, of course.

UPDATE:  Well, I picked up the car again. They updated the software on the car and told me to keep an eye on it. hmm. Since it was still under warranty, it didn't cost anything. Unfortunately I needed both a front and rear alignment done and an oil change so that did cost. * sigh *

That wasn't where the car adventure ended though. I drove home. Or rather, I almost got home when I noticed the panel indicator said "CHANGE OIL SOON" Huh? Didn't I just get that done, I asked myself? I checked the readings..."OIL LIFE AT 0%"....now that CAN'T BE RIGHT!!! Even before the oil change it was still over 80%. Called the dealer right away (they close at 6pm and it was 5:45pm). They said to BRING IT BACK IN!!! Argh...I was almost home. * sigh * Turned the car around and went back. It was 6:05pm but they were waiting for me. The service guy tried to reset the readings. Took him several times. Finally it reset. Those stubborn computers. Must be a distant ancestor for Orac... Now I am finally home, several hundred dollars poorer and with a car which hopefully will work now with a new software upgrade...which I'm supposed to keep an eye on.
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