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After the 'little glitch' with the car the other day, I'm going to bring it in to the dealer's after work. Fortunately the car is still under warranty (wow, I thought they weren't supposed to start developing problems until the day after the warranty expires...). The only down side is that i'll probably be without a car until tomorrow afternoon (Saturday). It really puts a crimp into weekend plans. 

I hope they're able to find something and that it's minor and can be fixed easily.

UPDATE:  I am back from the car dealership...with the car. Which hasn't been fixed yet. Why you may ask? Good question. I often ask myself that...why would I come back from the car dealsership without actually having them fix the car. Ranks right up there with questions which have the answer, 42.

Well...remember yesterday when I called the dealership and a nice girl said to I could bring the car in today and make an appointment for tomorrow? It seems she has no idea what she was talking about. They only do oil changes and quick things tomorrow. On Saturdays it seems they only run on half staff. Sooo, I have to come back on Monday and try to drive the car only short distances tomorrow, if I have to. Argh...

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