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Road scare

Was driving into work this morning and had a bit of a scare. I was on the highway when all of a sudden the driving wheel became very sluggish. I had to use alot of force in order to turn the car. I also discovered that the brakes were also sluggish and I had to press on them hard in order to slow down. I glanced down at the gauges and found that the gas tank read empty! This was strange since I knew there was still about half a tank full the previous day. My first thought was to a news report I had heard on the radio that because of the soaring price of gas, some people have had gas stolen from their tanks. It was hard to believe since my condo unit has fairly good security.

Luckily there were several things going for me. I do try to keep a good distance from the car in front of me, esp on a highway, I was at an interchange between two highways so cars had to slow down for a turn and I was on the very left hand lane next to a median so it was very easy to turn off to the side patch of road between the median and the lane.

I immediately turned off to the side and stopped. I looked at the other gauges. They all read zero. I also noticed that all of the dash board lights were off. This seemed odd if it was just the gas tank being empty. I decided to try turning the engine off and then back on again. That worked! Everything was back to normal. The gas gauge read half again. Whew! A very nice driver let me back into the lane and I proceeded, nervously, to work; watching the gauges periodically, just in case.

Got to work without further incident. Hopefully it will only be a one time incident. Have no idea what happened. If it happens again, I'll have to take it into a garage to have it checked out.
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