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Update to Arghh....

Writer:  I will NOT make this a sappy story!
Avon (smirks to Argus): She doesn't get it.
Argus:  It's sad really.
Writer:  What ARE you talking about?
Avon:  You already did.
Writer:  I did not!
Avon (looking at Argus): She's in denial.
Argus:  It does look like it, doesn't it.
Writer:  Shut up! Both of you!
Avon:  You're the one who put in the pheromone factor.
Writer:  But it was supposed to get you both hooked on Galena, not Cally and Reya! What's the fun when
you both behave?
Avon (turns to Argus again):  I thought the problem was that we were not behaving?
Argus:  She obviously wants us to continue not behaving.
Avon:  It must be one of those human interaction dynamics I am not conversant with.
Argus:  Yes, you do have so many of those.
Avon:  Don't push it.
Argus (grins and turns to writer):  So we're agreed that we will continue not behaving?
Writer:  Huh? Wait a minute...NO I DID NOT AGREE TO THAT!!!
Argus:  We've upset her.
Avon:  She'll get over it.
Cally and Reya enter.
Reya:  What have the two of you been up to?
Cally:  We came to see what the commotion was about.
Argus winces. Avon stares at Cally.
Writer:  Hehe...


Tags: rl

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