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Will the craziness never end?

Well, my adventures with Dell are finally over.

I still don't have access to gmail for some reason. Hotmail works fine and so does Yahoo mail. Unfortunately gmail is my primary email account. Bugger...

Just rain and thunder today. No more reports of freaky hail conditions accompanied by hot temperatures.

Where does the craziness come in? The public transit ride into work this morning was horrendous...

Normally it takes about 1H 15 min to get to work by transit. This morning it took twice as long...
What happened you may ask...

Well first of all, there was a signal problem at one of the stations. That was the big one. It meant that the subway (or the underground for those not familiar with the term) was almost at a standstill for a large section of the line; unfortunately the busiest section of the line. Our train was stuck between stations so that we couldn't even get off if we wanted to. Fortunately we were stuck on a portion of the line which runs above ground for a bit. Everyone was busily using cell phones or borrowing cell phones in order to let people know they would be late. It was a packed train, standing room only but everyone tried to stay in good humour so it wasn't too bad.

As we were sitting there, we kept getting updates of the status of the delays over the comm system. Did I say "delays" as opposed to "delay (singular)? Yes. It was no accident. Shortly after the signal problem, we were told that another station down the line now had an alarm which had been activated and it had to be investigated. More delay. Maybe a frustrated transit rider?

Another half hour later, another announcement that a different station had a medical emergency reported so it was closed down until the problem could be dealt with. Another delay... *sigh* Maybe I should go home...If only I could get off this $#% train!

Soooo....2 1/2 hours after leaving home, I am finally at work. I have to reinstall everything I had on my laptop previously because it is all gone now, not to mention all of my files....

I hope this is that last of it. I'm almost afraid to wonder what else could go wrong...

EDIT: It seems that I'm not the only person who has problems getting into gmail at work. For some reason, someone has seen fit to block that url. Hotmail and yahoo are still fine.
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