Kalinda001 (kalinda001) wrote,

Argh, Part 3

Another day and another frustrating adventure with Dell.

The technician was supposed to be here at 9:30am.

9:30am, 9:31am, 9:32am.....maybe they're just a little late

9:40 am, 9:41am.....busy traffic? couldn't find a place to park? Couldn't they at least call?

9:50 am, 9:51 am...obviously we should have sychronized watches...or maybe they're coming from a different time zone? (like the Twilight Z)

10:00 am....alright this is getting ridiculous...picks up phone....the technician promised he would be here (yeah yeah and pigs can fly....not being cynical at all....really)


Me: Hello, Dell? A technician was supposed to come this morning. I had an appointment for 9:30 am.

Dell service guy (checks file): Yes he is supposed to. I will try to contact him.

Me: Ok.

Waits patiently....yeah right...

Phone rings...wow, they actually called (my cynical little voice says...this'll be good)

Dell tech: Hello, I'm the Dell technician. I am supposed to be coming to re-image your laptop.

Me: Yes?

Dell tech: Do you have an imaging disk there that we can use?

Me: Let me check. (Silly me thinks...aren't the Dell people supposed to have those? If we had them here, we would have re-imaged it ourselves instead of going through 2 days of service hell!)

Me (after checking with our tech guys) : No we don't have one here.

Dell tech: Oh.

(Silly me thinks that this is neither eloquent nor a good portent of what he is going to say next...)

Dell tech: Well, normally all Dell technicians have an imaging disk.

(Silly me thinks...oh here it comes...)

Dell tech: Unfortunately, I don't have one. I will have to put in a request and order it from somewhere. It should be here by Monday.

Me: So you're telling me that you won't be able to fix my laptop until Monday?

Dell tech: That's right.

Me (grinding teeth in frustration): Can you tell me what time you will be able to come on Monday?

Dell tech: I can't give you a time frame.

Me: Can you at least tell me if this will definitely get done by Monday? I have lots of work backing up.

Dell tech: I can't say because I can't make any guarantees.

Me (making strangling motions with my hand now): So you're telling me that you don't know when you'll be able to come?

Dell tech: Yes. I'm sorry. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Me (thinking...after 2 days, sorry doesn't cut it you bozos!!) The guy I talked to on Wednesday, knew that the laptop needed to be re-imaged. It's on your work order. Why didn't you guys make sure you got a disk before today?

Dell tech: Normally all Dell technicians have one....unfortunately I don't have one right now.

Me (thinking...did your dog eat it? got run over by a bus? what idiot stuck me with the only Dell service technician who doesn't have an imaging disk?......this is me not being cynical at all...nooooo.) That doesn't do me any good.

Dell tech: I'm sorry. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Me (thinking...yes I have many suggestions but I don't want to get arrested...) No.

Tags: rl

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