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Argh, Part 2

Was there  ever any hope that the Dell guy would get here yesterday? Maybe in some universe that's not here apparently.

Called the help desk people this morning only to be told that the guy I talked to yesterday should never have told me that they could get a guy out yesterday. Ack!!! A whole wasted day when I could have gone home and worked from my PC there!!!

So the new guy just informed me that someone should be calling this morning to set up a time for today. I'm not holding my breath. 

I'm on a loaner laptop now. I finally have access to my work email (EDIT: or maybe not since I can get into the application but can't seem to see my mail even though it says i have 9 unopened ones!!!) but can't do any actual work since I can't access the system. I also can't access gmail but I can get into LJ (go figure). So if anyone is really trying to contact me, please use LJ. Though I might not get back to you immediately because I can't see any email notifications. But at least I got another chapter posted early this morning. Yes, I know it was in the wee wee hours of the morning...I couldn't sleep. 
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