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B7: Knowing the Enemy - Chapter 11 - Addendum

This is not a revision or changes to the chapter posting. Just having a little fun. Another dialogue with the characters interlude.

This story has gone through a strange journey in the writing. This is part of it. 


 Writer: Alright. That's it. I want an explanation. Now!

Argus (looking at Avon): Do you know what she's talking about?
Avon: I have no idea.
Writer: Don't act innocent with me! You KNOW what I'm talking about! You changed the story! You're all supposed to be falling all over yourselves because of Galena but now look at what you've done!
Avon: She appears distraught.
Argus: Is that what that is? I couldn't tell.
Avon: I understand they do get that way sometimes. I've never understood it myself.
Writer: Arghh!! Stop it both two of you! That's NOT funny! Now what am I going to do? Couldn't you just fall over her a little?
Avon and Argus together: No.
Avon: I am not about to jeapordize my relationship with Cally over your storyline.
Argus: And I would like to live.
Avon: Reya would kill you?
Argus: No. Worse.
Writer: She would not. You're just exaggerating.
Argus (mumbling under his breath): I wish.
Avon (smirking): You're afraid of her.
Argus: I am not!
Writer: I think so too. Wait a minute, why are we discussing this? We should be discussion the storyline! And how you've changed it! Stop being sneaky and help me out here. How can we fix this?
Avon: I suggest you keep writing. The solution should present itself, if it hasn't already.
Writer (grumbling): You already have something in mind, don't you? You're just not telling me.
Argus: I am trying to help him with learning to share. But obviously it requires more work.
Avon: Whose side are you on?
Writer: We have sides now? When did this happen?
Argus: Like Avon said, just keep writing. It will work out. It always does.
Writer: Easy for you to say.
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