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B7: Stories Anniversary

This is just an FYI to all of those who have read or are reading the New Patterns and Old Friends and the Perceptions stories...

I can't believe it but I was looking at the calendar and it's been a year since I was inspired to write my first B7 fanfic (or fanfic of any type); which was the first New Patterns and Old Friends story. My how time can fly...

From the original intention to write a short PGP story, it soon blossomed out of control as I became more and more involved in the characters and the B7 universe. Now I'm afraid that I'm so caught up in it that I don't see it ending soon. Sigh. Well, I just hope that I haven't bored too many people.

I just wanted to express my appreciation to all the wonderfully patient readers over this past year. All of your support, comments, suggestions, ideas and humour have been greatly appreciated!

P.S. My sister and her husband are visiting for 10 days starting this coming weekend so the chapter postings will slow down. I am currently trying to bank a couple so that there won't be a 10 day stretch without a chapter.

Just a few pics of all of the characters in the stories... couldn't find one to depict Sester.

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