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B7: Sevisia - brief addendum

Woke up in the morning with this short blurb in my head...just for fun.

Argus:   We have to talk.
Writer:   This sounds serious.
Argus:   Why do I keep getting shot? Why can’t someone else get shot? Why does it always have to be me?
Writer:   Oh. That's what's bothering you?
Avon:   He's sulking.
Argus:   I am not!
Avon:   Maybe if you duck once it a while.
Argus:   Shut up, Avon.
Avon (sarcastically):   Or perhaps body armour. I can see why Reya pictured you in a full suit of armour. Do heroes have an inability to duck?
Argus (glares at him and then stalks out)
 I'm going to find Reya.
Avon:   Now that he's gone...
Writer:   You have something to say too?
Avon:   About this situation with Cally.
Writer (apprehensively):   Yes?
Avon:    I want to know your intentions.
Writer:   You're getting impatient?
Avon:   It's not that. Well, perhaps a little.
Writer:    Don't worry. You will both get there in the end. I promise. You're both just very difficult characters to work with.
Avon:   You mean, I am.
Writer:   Well, I didn't want to say it. You're not exactly the most cooperative character.
Avon:    I will be watching.
Writer:   Oh great.

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