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B7 Ficlet: Timing

I wrote this as a short drabble for the fanfic poll on vandonovan's LJ but it ended up being too long (which is sooo unlike me =P) so I am including it here.
Being trapped in a room with an explosive device about to go off, and they couldn't reach, was not the best time. Or perhaps it was the only way it was going to happen. Avon reached forward, gathered Cally into his arms and kissed her. 
"I've waited a long time, Avon," said Cally.
"Well, you only had to ask," said Avon with the trace of a smile.
At that moment Vila burst into the room after having finally opened the lock.  When he saw the two of them with their arms around each other, he said, "Oh good, I've saved you from a fate worse than death, Cally."
"Shut up, Vila," said Avon.
"What Avon means is thank you," said Cally.

For a moment Avon stared at her. Cally wondered if he was trying to reason out whether it was a fate worse than death.

Then Avon took her hand in his and as they walked out of the room together, he turned to Vila and said, "Thank you, Vila."
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