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Random Musings
Perceptions: The Definition of Peace - Addendum 
20th-Feb-2008 06:44 pm
Just something fun...

Sester: She's beautiful
Writer: Oh no. Don't tell me.
Sester: Yes. Your fears are correct.
Writer: Oh god. Someone kill me. Please.
Sester: I do apologize but I'm afraid it's out of my control now.
Writer: You do realize you can't have her?
Sester: Yes, I know. *sighs*
Writer: Alright. I'm curious now. I wouldn't think that she would be your type.
Sester: And what type did you think I would be attracted to?
Writer: Someone who is intelligent, who can provide a challenge, who is strong... Oh...
Sester: Exactly.
Writer: I guess I'm lucky that Avon isn't attracted to her.
Sester: He's not.
Writer: That would be a relief. But why do you think he's not?
Avon: Yes, I'm curious too. Why do you think I'm not?
Sester: Uh...
Writer: How long have you been there?
Avon: Long enough. Sester? (in a not very friendly tone; actually more a menacing tone)
Sester winces but will not be intimidated.
Sester: Are you saying that you are?
Avon: You're avoiding my question.
Sester: So are you.
The tension is very obviously increasing.
Writer: Stop it.
Argus (enters): What's going on?
Avon and Sester avoid looking at Argus.
Writer: That's all I needed.
Argus: What did you say?
Writer: Nothing. Where's Reya?
Argus: She'll be along.
Sester: I think I'd better be going.
Avon (coldly): Yes, perhaps you should.
Sester exits.
Argus (to Avon): You're never going to give him a break, are you?
Avon (coldly): You have no idea what you are talking about.
Argus (looks at him suspiciously): What was going on here?
Avon: That's none of your concern.
Writer: Are you sure?
Avon: It's none of yours either.
Writer: Riiiight. I'm just the humble writer. What do I know?
Reya (enters): Are you two at it again?
Avon: My apologies. I will leave the two of you alone. (exits)
Reya: Was it something I said?
Writer: No.
Reya: Are you going to keep us apart much longer?
Writer: You mean you and Argus?
Reya: Is there any other "us" you're aware of?
Writer: There's....uh no. There's not (yet). Yes, unfortunately, I can't have you together for awhile yet.
Reya: I miss him.
Argus: I miss you too.
Reya: Do I really have to think that he's dead in the story?
Writer: That's part of the story.
(thinks: I don't think I'll tell her where the story is going yet; she might kill me)
Reya: I don't like it. It hurts thinking that.
Argus (hugs her): It's not real. I'm still here.
Reya: You had better be.
Argus smiles: Always.
(thinks: she is going to kill me)
After the scene where Reya and Sester feel they have no choice but to sleep together in order to allay Dayto's suspicion.


Sester: I feel ill.
Writer: Well, you wanted it.
Sester: Yes, I know. But I didn't mean to hurt her.
Writer: What did you think was going to happen? You know how she feels about Argus.
Sester: Yes, but... I guess I wasn't thinking.
Writer: You were being selfish.
Sester (dejected): I was. I don't suppose there's a way to undo this?
Writer: What do you think?
Sester: Maybe Argus can kill me?
Writer: Oh, he's definitely going to want to do something.
Sester: You aren't going to let him, are you?
Writer: No.
Sester: This is worse than having him kill me.
Writer: I know.
Sester: Is there something you can do for her?
Writer: Don't worry about Reya. She's tough. I just needed her character to grow, that's why I allowed this to happen.
Sester: It's a cruel way to do it if you ask me.
Writer: Just stick with your own guilt and leave Reya to me.
Reya (angrily): I HATE YOU!
Writer: I know. I'm sorry. Can we talk about this? Where's Argus?
Reya: He's mad and doesn't want to speak to you. And I don't either!
(Reya stalks out)
Writer: Maybe Argus can kill me...

20th-Feb-2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
Writer: Maybe Argus can kill me...

Nooo, we'll all form a ring around you for protection. We don't want your writing bits hurt now. You've promised us another story.
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