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Random Musings
Avon! Avon! Avon! 
2nd-Aug-2007 03:09 pm

Sigh...why is it that every new female character I've added so far, ends up being fascinated with Avon; and that's all of two. I swear, I never meant for that to happen with this new one in story three, but ack!  Trying to decide now whether she has to die.

It's a mystery...Avon hasn't even bothered to give her the time of day...course he can't at the moment in story three...and come to think of it, even if he could, he still probably wouldn't...

Maybe it's revenge because I still haven't managed to get him rescued yet...

Twin Souls
3rd-Aug-2007 12:38 am (UTC)
She fancies Blake. And she thinks Avon is bad for him.
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