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Hi everyone! It's been way too long. Just wanted to drop by with my greetings and hope everyone had a great holidays and a Happy New Year.
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30 Days of Fanfic: Day 17-18

18 – Where do you get the most inspiration for your fics (aka "bunnies") from?
I get mine from my characters.

17 – Titles: are they the bane of your existence, or the easiest part of the fic? Also, if you do chaptered fic, do you give each chapter a title, or not?
I don't have problems with titles. Mine tend to be short and simple. I never give chapters titles.
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Back from Polaris

I'm back from Polaris, tired but very happy. While this is ostensibly my 2nd sci-fi convention, it feels like this is the first one.

Ad-Astra was a sci-fi writer's convention which was much more business-oriented. This was mainly fans and was multimedia. It is quite an experience to walk through the corridors and see people dressed as Spock, Kirk (from specific episodes no less), the Ghostbusters, SG-1 soldiers tromping around in military gear, and even the stone angel from Dr. Who. That stone angel was absolutely amazing.

It was also the 25th anniversary for this convention, which was wonderful. Lots of parties.

I feel like my inner fangirl has finally been released.
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30 Days Of Fan Fiction, Day 14

14 – Ratings – how high are you comfortable with going? Have you ever written higher? If you're comfortable with NC-17, have you ever been shocked by finding that the story you're writing is G-rated instead?

I have done up to PG-13. I've never been surprised that a story I'm writing is G-rated, but I have been surprised that some people considered one scene to rate higher than I thought. I wrote it as a very suggestive scene without going into any explicit details, a la Psycho.
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30 Days of Fanfic: Day 13

13 - Do you prefer canon or fanon when you write? Has writing fanfic for a fandom changed the way you see some or even all of the original source material?

I prefer canon above fanon at all times. It's why I did a study-pass through the whole series again in order to familiarize myself with the characters and details of the series before I started writing my own stories. I feel that the world and the characters don't belong to me, I'm just borrowing them and I like to do justice to the original creator's visions. When I first started looking for fanfic, after watching the final episode, I was very disappointed with how cartoon-like most fanon portrayal of the characters was. At least, all the ones I could find online. It's funny that I found, thanks to Entropy_House, old fanzine stories tended to have more well-rounded versions of the characters and closer to canon. I'm not sure why that is. But that goodness for old fanzines.

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30 Days of Fanfic: Day 11-12

Looks like I missed a day...

12 – Have you ever attempted an "adaptation" fic of a favorite book or movie but set in a different fandom?

I've done one of B7 in a Maltese Falcon-noir style combined with crazy cliches, The Name is Smith. I never had time to finish it. It's the hardest one I've ever done because witty yet wacky humor is really difficult to get right.

11 – Do you prefer certain genres of fic when you're writing? What kind do you tend to write most?

I prefer sci-fi, and generally sci-fi with a touch of humor/romance.
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30 Days Of Fan Fiction, Day 10

10 – Pairings – Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone and written a pairing you liked, but found you couldn't write, or a pairing you didn't like, and found you could?

I've never written a pairing I liked but found I couldn't write. I thought Soolin and Dayna might be difficult since I never write them and don't know them well as characters, but they're didn't prove that hard once I started. Of course, it was only a short scene.